Monday, 7 May 2012

Cinco de Mayo & haïkai

On saturday I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some friends, in West London. As usual when there is some wine involved, I start writing haïkai (this is a tradition with my friend Robin, we believe we will eventually get a poetry book published). This time though, I did something different, I asked everyone to write a little haïku in my notebook - think of it as pass the joint, only more poetic.

This is the result:

Haïku 1
Burn me with love
and I'll burn hearts

Haïku 2
Cowboy boy
Mexican Tomboy
Together we are one

Haïku 3
Bigger hat
Lower ego,
Are you high?

Haïku 4
Baby Cowboy,
You are wrong,
eat more nachos

Haïku 5
Follow the river, 
Smoke some weed,
Follow the kings cup' rules

Haïku 6
Cinco de Mayo,
Tengo que escribir algo
Nada que decir
Suerte a tódos

Haïku 7
Too much smoke, 
lung hurts,
but heart more

Are you scared of a shake?

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