Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Fiction: A story in 150 words

©Suzanne Zhang, MAMCO Geneva Switzerland

Hunting ghosts

Your eyes are shut. You came prepared, but not for this. She warned you that it would be difficult. You're brave. This time you will succeed. If not, you have eternity to succeed. People often believe it is a tragedy to have forever, but you know finite things are worse. They have no hope to cling on and end up fading away...

Your eyes are shut. And slowly, like watercolours dissolve into water, it happens. You’re neither here nor there, neither standing nor floating, neither aware nor unaware… You dream of a colour you didn’t know existed, its warmth wraps around you like light –or is it darkness? You don’t know, you’ve never seen this color before. Your cheeks are burning; they’re frozen. They irradiate splendour. It is sweet and good. You finally succeeded. You can finally let go. It’s okay, your eyes are shut.


  1. Finally I read some fiction from you

  2. Such a good way to set myself to Dreamland.