Thursday, 25 October 2012

Generation Y : sneak peak

For those of you who have asked, here is a little preview on an article on which I'm working at the moment! Stay tuned for the full article! 


I recently came across an article on the New York Times, published a year ago: The Entrepreneurial generation. It tried to paint a picture of my generation, a generation of self-absorbed nihilistic young adults. And the punch line was this: we are a “post-emotional generation”. We have “no anger, no edge, no ego”. Suddenly, my generation wasn’t a statistic anymore, this felt like a personal attack. I looked around me and my friends and felt that actually, we are an angry generation, we are a generation of deceived believers, a generation that is fuming at the world we are being left to deal with. It is true that we spend more time on social media than in the public library; that we consume more than any other generation –be it knowledge, media or products. Yes, we are a generation of consumers, of sellers, of young entrepreneurs… But above all, we are an angry generation, we are generation Y.

Suzanne Zhang

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